What Are Psychological Evaluations?

Psychological evaluations consist of a series of tests that help determine the cause of mental health symptoms and disorders. The results of the evaluation allow for a more accurate diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment.

What To Expect

Our expert psychologists use a wide variety of instruments to conduct intellectual testing, academic achievement testing, attention testing, and personality and emotional testing. We generally use a combination of behavior rating scales, objective and projective personality inventories, and standardized IQ and achievement tests as part of our assessments.

As part of each psychological evaluation process, we provide a comprehensive and detailed report of our findings and our recommendations. These may include methods for improving communication, organization, and self-esteem both in and out of counseling. We also provide specific ideas for educational interventions and programs for children, adolescents, and young adults.

We Provide Psychological Evaluations For:



Learning Disorders

Problems with Self-Esteem

Problems with Social Relationships

Problems with Mood Stability

Determining Accurate Diagnoses

Developing Effective Treatment Plans

Identifying Strengths and Areas for Further Growth