What Are OWI Classes?

After being charged with an impaired driving offense, Iowa residents are required by law to complete an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) class. This class must be complete before residents can apply for reinstatement of a driver's license. Central Iowa Psychological Services is an approved provider of this class. Each class is led by our trained substance abuse professionals.

12 Hour Impaired Drivers Education Course

The 12-Hour Impaired Drivers Education Course is required by the Iowa Department of Transportation for anyone with an impaired driving offense.

At CIPS, we are dedicated to making this requirement a meaningful use of your time and investment. Through the use of the Prime for Life curriculum, we focus on research-based approaches to providing unique support to each person taking the class. This may include providing information and support to assist people in exploring new beliefs and changing behaviors.

All instructors are certified by the Prevention Research Institute. This fits with the compliance requirements for driver’s license reinstatement through the Iowa Department of Transportation.

OWI EvaluationS

CIPS counselors are also able to complete substance abuse evaluations, as required by the Iowa Department of Transportation. This includes DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluations for employers.

Class Registration

We are not holding in-person classes at this time, but please contact us about other Substance Abuse services by calling 515.518.0022.